The poor little maiden.


Most terribly cold it was; it snowed, and was nearly quite dark, and evening– the last evening of the year. In this cold and darkness there went along the street a poor little girl, bareheaded, and with naked feet. When she left home she had slippers on, it is true; […]

Destiny can never be change.


The book the gods are not to blame is the dramatic tale of a man Odewale born with a destiny he tried to run away from. At birth when his Parents took him to the village diviner the Ogun priest to tell his future, they met sadness amidst their joyful […]

The beetles and Bees.


Far away on the hills, there was a forest full of many different trees and plants. Different kinds of animals, birds and insects lived in the forest. There was a huge beehive on a tall tree. The Bees were always busy collecting honey and filling their combs. On another old […]

A tortoise and hare in a race.

Teepetz 2

Once upon a time, in the woods in the northern area of Pakistan, there lived many different kinds of animals. This area is famous for high mountains and very dense forests, and for hundreds of years these animals lived side by side as friends and helped one another in times […]

Crafty lion and the sheep.


Once upon a time, there was a crafty lion and a clever sheep. One day, the clever sheep was eating some grass in a clearing with his friend when the crafty lion came creeping across the fields towards them. When the lion came out of the tall grass the sheep […]

Harley the bogle cub.


Harley the bogle Cub was having a good think. It was winter and he was still getting used to the feeling of ice on the pads of his paws. He shivered a little, missing the warm ooze of mangrove mud. Harley was missing lots of things. He missed the way […]

The tortoise and three orphans


Once upon a time, there were three orphans, whose names were mabayoge, Aega and bayode. The brothers had reached such an age that it was time to decide what trade they might undertake. In order to advise them on such an important decision, the brothers went to visit Ijapa the […]

Isanti, the woodsman and the crane.


A crane was standing in a stream, hoping to catch some fish. A huntsman was crawling through the bushes on the riverbank, and spotted the crane. He’d not caught anything that day, and carefully readied his bow and arrow. He took aim and sent an arrow flying towards the crane. […]

Hippo and his family lives in water.


Many years ago the hippopotamus, whose name was , was one of the biggest kings on the land; he was second only to the elephant. The hippo had seven large fat wives, of whom he was very fond. Now and then he used to give a big feast to the […]

Sowa and his wife Chang.


Once upon a time, In a very distant past, much longer ago than anybody can possibly remember, a kingdom of ten suns lived in the sky. This meant it was always daylight, and the surface of the earth was scorching hot. It was truly a very uncomfortable place to live, […]

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